A twenty-something-year-old chronically ill artist living in the Pacific Northwest. Hoping to one day pursue a career in medicine, if I ever get well enough to do so. I would like to study Genetics and become a genetic counselor for people with connective tissue disorders.

I’m a real-life mutant/cyborg, so that’s pretty cool! One of the illnesses I have (Marfan Syndrome) was caused by a spontaneous mutation of the Fibrillin-1 gene in my genetic code. Thus, technically a mutant. Didn’t really get any superpowers out of the deal, but I am tall and I have really long dexterous fingers that are good for doing art and craftwork! UPDATE: As of March 7th, 2018 my diagnosis has been changed to Ehlers Danlos Syndrome Hypermobility Type which is another connective tissue disorder very similar to Marfan Syndrome Update #2: Genetics is not always a precise science. So we don’t really know for sure if it is Marfan or EDS. I definitely have a connective tissue disorder, it’s just hard to know for sure which one. I am looking into getting more genetic testing done.

Another one of my conditions is called Gastroparesis and in August of 2016 I had surgery to place a gastric stimulator implant and a feeding tube, upgrading me to cyborg status (and giving me the idea for a cool username)

I’ve also got a variety of other diagnoses like: Dysautonomia, Celiac Disease, and Hypothyroidism.

My life may not be turning out the way I thought it would (honestly, whose does), but I try to keep a good sense of humor about things most of the time.

I am the momma to a very handsome cat named Mr. Ollivander (Ollie).


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