An Adult Reviews Baby Food

If you don’t have Gastroparesis [GP] or some other digestive disorder you might not know that some adults eat baby food [and not as a fetish thing. ‘adult babies’ is a fetish thing. and I mean, you do you buddy. sleep in a crib or whatever, but that’s not my jam]

When you have GP you are supposed to eat small portion sizes, avoid fatty food, and limit your fiber intake. A lot of the snack foods made for babies and toddlers actually meet those dietary requirements quite nicely. They are designed to dissolve into an easy to digest state without much chewing [also great for my TMJ issues], they usually have a good mixture of fruit and vegetable components, they come in small portions, and they usually aren’t high in fiber or fat.

Yeah, some of my friends (especially the guys) look at me a little weird when I pull food meant for toddlers out of my purse and start happily nibbling away, but I don’t really care. It’s what I can eat without my digestive system committing a mutiny, so I don’t really care if it looks strange.

There isn’t anything I can eat or drink without my body throwing some kind of fuss about it, but these sorts of foods are definitely gentler than most.

a variety of assorted snack items designed for toddlers (and the occasional grown-ass adult with a malfunctioning digestive system.
My new GP buddy, Katie, introduced these to me when we went grocery shopping together during the Marfan Conference. Baby Mum Mum banana teething wafers. Tasty and crunchy!
Two different fruit/veg puree pouches. Good for sneaking some fruit and veg into my cranky stomach. I go for the low fiber ones
HappyTot Multi-Grain Alphabet Snacks cinnamon and sweet potato flavored. Tasty, no fiber, full of omega-3s, gluten-free. Has letters of the alphabet stamped on them. I mean, I have had a solid understanding of the alphabet for at least 18 years now, but you can always spell out naughty words while you snack xD
HappyBaby Organic Creamies strawberry, raspberry, carrot flavored: good flavor and texture. Made with coconut milk so they are dairy free.

One thought on “An Adult Reviews Baby Food

  1. This is soooo relatable! I don’t have gastroparesis, but I do have SIBO, which restricts my diet a lot, and all sorts of chronic problems that keep me from being able to prep fancy things like smoothies. There was a period of time I was constantly going through baby food pouches. Now we have a little one in the home and I’m remembering how good the baby food aisle can be to me.

    Have you tried Happy Baby Puffs? They’re sweetened with fruit juice which makes them a sweet(ish) rice snack I can eat. And the little pieces remind me of cereal, which I can’t touch haha.

    Thanks for the Creamies recommendation… I’ll have to check those out. We’ve gotten Yogis for the kiddo, but yogurt is death for me so I haven’t been able to partake.


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