Have Wheelchair, Will Travel

Just got back from visiting my relatives in the Midwest. It went well.

The flights there and back went smoothly. I had no trouble getting through security with all my medical supplies.

I even brought my wheelchair and it survived the trip.

I did remove all the easily removable parts on the chair like the cushion and side guards and stow them in a bag before relinquishing my chair to the flight crew for storage. Didn’t want to risk losing pieces.

I do feel more confident about traveling with my wheelchair now. I hope to start going on more trips soon. I have some friends who plan on moving to Scotland and I promised to visit them once they get settled. I also want to go up to Canada.

I have never been out of the country before, so I need to get a passport! I would love to start going on more and more adventures. I would take pictures and write blog posts about them of course.

No matter how well I ration out my energy and take time to rest during a trip I will become totally spent by the end of it. Now that I am home I will likely spend the majority of my time in bed resting for the next several days. That’s just reality for me.

Being ill does not tamp down my desire to travel. I would still get tired and have pain if I stayed home all the time, and I would also be bored as hell. It’s worth it to me to go out and do things even though I have to recover afterwards.

Now that I have conquered airplane travel with a wheelchair, next I want to figure out camping with a feeding tube! I have not gone camping in a long time and I miss it. Just have some logistics to work out. My main concern would be attracting bears or raccoons with the smell of my feeding tube formula. Will be doing some research on that.


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