The Need to Feed My Artistic Spirit.

I haven’t been doing enough artwork lately. I have lacked the inspiration and motivation to do so. I *want* to do artwork, but every time I pick up a pen/brush/sewing needle my brain just goes “uuuhhhhhh, sorry boss, I’ve got nothing.”

Excited for the painting class I will start taking next month. I haven’t worked in a two-dimensional medium in awhile and I think switching things up will be good for me. Also, I always feel better around other artists because we can bounce creative energy off of each other. I know the teacher of the class well and have taken classes from her before, so I know I will enjoy her instruction.

Been thinking about starting an art journal. I have always been a journal writer, but usually it is just pages upon pages of endless handwriting. I feel the urge to try adding some watercolor to my journaling. Haven’t used watercolors in a long time. I would have to go buy a watercolor palette, some paints, brushes, and the right kind of paper. Maybe later this week I will make a trek out to the art shop in Berkeley that I like. I might order the palette online because there is a very particular style of palette that I want.


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