Seeing A New Doctor Is Like Going On A Blind Date…

…but they ask you to take your pants off without even having the courtesy to buy you dinner first!

I saw an orthopedist this week. I always feel the need to impress a new doctor. I want to appear informed but not overly pushy about my treatment options. At least this doctor knew what Marfan Syndrome is and was sympathetic to what I have been dealing with. My xrays of my knees looked normal, it’s just the hypermobility that is a problem. More physical therapy and a new knee brace with hinges that will stop it from hyperextending.

Also saw a hand therapist to deal with my flexi-hands! She custom made me some thumb MP splints out of thermoplastic (which was super cool!) and sized me for some Oval 8 ring splints for my fingers. I need to order the ring splints online. If they help I might upgrade to silver ones at some point.


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