Hello Internet. I am your friendly neighborhood cyborg!

Welcome to my little blog.

I have been doing this whole chronically-ill-young-adult thing for awhile now, and I thought maybe some of my experiences could help someone else out there or make them feel less alone.

I live with Marfan Syndrome, Dysautonomia w/ Gastroparesis, Hypothyroidism, and Celiac Disease. It took me a long time and a lot of self-advocacy to get properly diagnosed with all of those conditions. I hope to write posts on a vast amount of topics related to my experiences with chronic illnesses.

And cat pictures. There WILL be cat pictures. My cat Ollivander is a fantastic floofball that I must share with the world. He is my dedicated little sidekick.


[image description: picture of me from a couple years ago with short, blue hair; sitting on a couch. I am holding my long-haired, pumpkin and cream colored cat, named Ollivander.] Photo taken by my cousin.


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